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Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record 4
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Akashic Record Readings

For Heart Chakra Clearing & Ascension

This is highly advanced work on the planet at this time.

This specialized Akashic Reading works to clear Personal or Family  Karma.

Each Session starts with a few minutes of sharing regarding the present challenge or pattern you are experiencing.  This reflection in your life is the soul's greatest calling for growth, healing and learning at this time.  We then speak the prayers of offer sacred space and loving support to hold you through your session.  We call on the Akashic Record Keepers to bring the records to support your healing and learning through this challenge.  Through the records you will receive the story of an aspect of your soul (usually from a past life) that experienced something that caused their heart to close and get stuck in this pattern.  You will be supported and guided to heal this soul fragment through forgiveness processes and lastly you will be guided to break the energetic bonds of agreements and vows from that soul experience that has kept you bound in that pattern. 

You will receive great dispensations of love, healing and grace to support your healing, letting go and greater heart opening.  You will be reconnected to your divine gifts so they may shine more fully through your being.

These readings are very special offerings that allow you to have a greater understanding of your life and through the process of healing your life is uplifted and expanded in new joyful ways. You are able to give and receive more love through your being.  You become free to move beyond fear and limitation and follow more of your heart's dreaming.


Akashic Record Readings

For Family Heart Clearing 

These readings are beautiful new offerings from the Ascended Masters and Mothers for the Light Workers of the Family.  These readings work in the same structure as above but YOU stand as the emissary of healing for other members of your family.  This is a unique gift of service that we can give our family by clearing the family heart of old karma that may be causing two or more family members to be in disharmony or distance from each other.  By clearing the Family Heart of this old energy, we offer our family members a clearing of an old energetic burden that may have been keeping them stuck in a past life pattern of conflict.  By healing this karma it makes it easier for our family members to heal, forgive and come back into love and harmony with each other. 

These Family Readings are such a profound healing service that they are being offered as a free bonus with the 3pk Akashic Record Reading for a limited time.

You may also book them singularly without the package. 


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