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Awakening Your Lightbody

Awakening Your Lightbody 
Full Course

The Awakening Your Lightbody Full Course by Orin & Daben is one of THE most fundamental Self Mastery Courses that we have come across to date.  This Course changed my life and I'm honored to witness it changed the lives of my students.  I was introduced to this material over 15 years ago and I still use the tools and techniques on a daily basis.  My Lightbody has been activated by this course and continues to remain activated, awakened and WORKING to empower my life in every way. ~Zara   (See Video talk here)

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Your Light Body is your energy body which consists of 10 energy centers that exist in and around your physical body. ​


In this course you will learn how to awaken and use these energy centers to support you in making profound shifts in your life which are in alignment with your life purpose.
As your light body awakens you grow more radiant. As you use the light body meditation techniques you will gain a stronger connection to Universal Mind.   As this connection increases, you can more easily attract opportunity, abundance, and loving relationships.
As you bring more light into your energy field you become more magnetic and can attract situations and people to help you make a difference in the world.  You can use the light body energies for healing, for creating and transforming your life and for spiritual growth.

Awakening your light body can support you in all of your relationships.

 By using your light body skills you can enhance the energy in business meetings, at family gatherings, in intimate relationships and in your daily activities.  People will often feel more peaceful and have higher thoughts just by being around you.  If you are around children these energies may help them stay calmer and more focused.  You can attain deeper states of forgiveness and compassion that allow you to release people and events that you couldn’t let go of before.  You can learn how to use all the energy around you to harmonize and transmute denser energies while staying calm and centered.


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If you are in any creative field; a writer, musician, artist, teacher, healer, therapist, etc... 

Awakening your light body can assist you in achieving more inspired and intuitive states of consciousness.  If you are working with others in any way, it will help you to have more profound effects as your increased light expresses through you.

Many people will experience increased psychic abilities and clairvoyance.


From the light body states of awareness you can connect more fully with your guides and the higher dimensions of light.  You can gain greater clarity and insight into all situations and when making decisions.

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Awakening Your Light Body is transformational.

 It teaches about power, responsibility,
non-judgment and respect.  It is a tool kit, a discipline and a path that works with other paths and on its own.

This course is taught in a series of 8 classes which are approximately 1 month apart. In between live classes you learn and practice at home with the audio set.

Why take the Awakening Your Lightbody Course in a live class setting rather than just the home study meditations? 


  • The light body energies highlight your unresolved issues which, under the surface, are affecting your behavior and restricting your choices.  Perceiving these issues is not always comfortable, but is it your doorway to liberation.  During your learning process, the class teacher holds you in her awareness and transmits love and support to you.  This transmission is a very important part of the awakening process both during and in between live classes.

  • You will receive a greater understanding of how to apply these techniques in your life and throughout your life experience.

  • You will receive a greater learning and grounding through the questions, answers and sharing of the other class members.

  • You will receive opportunities to practice your tools with others in the class in a safe space.

  • You will be held energetically by the group and the schedule to complete your growth and awakening 

  • You will receive motivation and inspiration from others working with you at the same pace.

  • Validation and confirmation will occur naturally as we share our experiences in class

The Awakening Your Light Body course was originally developed and taught by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman of LuminEssence. 

The material is taught through guided meditations, discussions, question and answer sessions, partner exercises and physical movement.  You will learn how to apply your light body skills to real life situations. 

The class is structured to support your success during and after the course.


Our 2021 program will move through the material over 7months from March through September.  Since we are working in an online setting this year, we feel that a twice monthly connection will serve us best and so we've re-arranged the schedule to accommodate 2 monthly zoom meetings and we ask all students to commit to making at least 1 live class each month.  Recordings of our classes will be sent via email for your future reference. 

You will also receive 6 volumes of home study pre-recorded course work with 12 meditations per volume to move through at your own pace between classes.  

This course is an accelerated path of spiritual growth and one of the absolute best self-investments you can make with the time is correct for you. 



Thursday evenings 6:30 - 8:30/9pm  Via Zoom


 Dates :
Sept. 22 & Oct 6 - Building Your Power Base – volume 1
Oct. 20 & Nov. 3 - Opening Your Heart Center – volume 2
Nov. 17 & Dec. 1 -Activating Your Higher Energy Centers – volume 3
Dec 15 & Jan. 12, 2023 -Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies – volume 4 
Jan. 26 & Feb 9 - Awakening Your Light Body – volume 5
Feb. 23 & March 9  - Becoming Radiant – volume 6


Location:  ZOOM LINK will be sent by email after registration close to start date

Time:  6:30 - 8:30/9pm. each day

$500 deposit for Registration Due : September 10, 2022

(includes purchase of Volume 1) 

Self Investment

Total Self Growth Investment $2500

(paid in full by September 10, 2022)


Investment Includes Tuition 

Plus Required Materials: 6 Volume MP3 Home Study Course $494 


 Payment Plan $3000

 includes 6 Volume MP3s at $89 each 

   $500 Deposit to Register  (Due 9/10/22)

Due October 1st  : $500

Due November 1st  : $500

Due December 1st  : $500

Due January 1st   : $500

Due February 1st  : $500

 For Registration Contact:

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