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Awakening Your Lightbody 2024


Take the expressway to self-mastery with Awakening Your Lightbody. Within this Self Mastery course you will discover: - Living with unwavering clarity: Make powerful decisions aligned with your purpose. - ​Empath Support and Upskills : Release the patterns of feeling bombarded by others energy and people pleasing. Discover how to return to your higher vibration with ease. - ​​Manifesting your desires effortlessly: Attract abundance, fulfilling relationships, and a life that fuels your soul. ​- Connecting with your higher self: Access intuitive guidance and live from a place of deep inner peace and well being. - ​Greater Connection to your Family of Light : Your Team of Light grows as you do and its a wonderful feeling to know that they are there for you with just a thought, guiding your through your initiations. - Enhance Your Skills, Talents & Service: In all areas of your life. Teachers, Leaders, Care-Givers, Counselors, Creatives of all kinds. The Lightbody enhances your skills, flows and ability to channel more light into all that you do. ​- Expand Your Healing Channels: As you hold, ground and transmit more light, all of your natural healing abilities gain more potency, clarity and precision. - ​Activate Your Divine Gifts: Your Spiritual Gifts are in Your Spiritual Body. Discover how to move your awareness to access your greater consciousness. ​This list is Endless and Unique to each Soul as your Lightbody is Unique. It has the tools specifically for YOUR Gifts and talents like a fingerprint. There is no limit to the positive benefits you will receive by Awakening Your Lightbody





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