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Build Your Bridge to the Angels


Embark on a profound journey as Zara guides your connection to your angelic family of light. Build your bridge upwards and strengthen your spiritual connection by invoking and aligning with the divine energy of 11 angels of Light & Love. Each angel holds their own unique frequency and gifts. This transformative course takes you through each of the major chakras, guiding you to attune with specific angels that resonate with those energy centers. Explore the Soul Star Chakra with Ariel, the angel of ultimate truth and divine guidance. Connect with Raphael at the Crown Chakra, the bringer of spiritual light and healing. Work with Gabriel and the Brow Chakra to receive inspiration and spiritual clarity. Attune to Celestina and the Throat Chakra to unlock your authentic voice and expression. At the Heart Chakra, bond with Cassiel, the angel of unconditional love and compassion. Align with Sarah and the Solar Plexus to find your personal power and confidence. Michael awaits you at the Sacral Chakra to clear blockages and reignite your creativity and sexuality. Journey with Ariel to heal and ground yourself through the Root Chakra. Connect to the angel Faith at the Root Center to build unshakable trust in the universe. Finally, merge with Metatron and the Earth Star Chakra to anchor your light into the crystalline grid of Mother Earth. Through guided meditations, visualizations, channeled messages and angelic attunements, you'll experience profound healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Strengthen your bridge to the angelic realms and step into your highest potential as a vibrant, radiant being of light.





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