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Grace For The Soul Tablets Chakra Healing


The second in a series of 3 Tablet Healing Programs. An 8 week program of healing through the chakras. Activate the Grace for the Soul Tablets through all chakras. Have you ever wondered what a life of Grace would feel like? Do you know people that seemed filled with Grace? What is Grace anyway? After several years of contemplating that question and working with Grace in my life, I've discovered what Grace feels like to me. To me, Grace for the Soul, uplifts. Literally UPLIFTS! As you invite grace into your life through this tablet program, expect to gain a sense of being supported by the universe in a big way. Experience the divine assistance in every area of your life and especially those areas that have been stuck, hard to move or evolve as you intend for Grace to enter into you, prepare to be uplifted and regain a sense of being held by the benevolent universe who has the highest good designed into your life plan. This program aids in clearing blocks, stuck energy, stuck situations, bringing solution consciousness into the mind and the sense of angel wings wrapping you in a great big hug as you lift out of struggle and relax into the greater flow of your higher life paths. Assists in clearing blocks to manifesting and much much more. 8 Violet Alchemy Healings, 8 Tablet Activations & 8 Frequency infused channeled messages from the Ascended Masters.



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Grace for the Soul


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