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The subtle energy techniques in these guided meditations are designed to be simple to learn and practice with and without the recordings. Through using these techniques you will gain a greater master over your own human energetic and emotional systems.


Grounding, centering and shielding are foundational practices from which greater growth and understanding about how energy and intention work to create a life of greater ease and flow. Allow these practices to create a greater sense of mental stability, emotional calm and confidence whenever you need them.


When you feel as though you can establish a feeling sense of being grounded, centered and safe with a simple word, a quick hand gesture or a few deep breaths, you will know that you have mastered these skills.


Guided meditations and consistently practicing these techniques will gradually increase your awareness of your own subtle energy systems. Have patience with yourself, it may take a few times of listening to the recording to have the feeling sense in your body. Your intention alone is moving the energy. Intend for it to be so and it will be done.


When you feel you are ready for next steps, your next teachings will appear.


Lightworker Fundamentals

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