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NOTE: This product is the Final Four Angels recordings.  To be listened to AFTER the 7 angels in 7 days course.  If you have not yet received the FREE 7 angels course you may do so by registering here:


The Final Four 

We hope that you have enjoyed and benefited from this unique online experience of 7 angels in 7 days.  When we were first pulsed to offer this program we had no idea where it would go.  In fact it wasn't until the very final recording with Arch Angel Metatron that we finally had a glimpse of the profound nature of this energetic healing package.   

In the Final Four Recordings you will receive: 

4 Additional Channeled message recordings formatted as the original 7.

1.Angel Faith - Clears the weight of other people's opinions and thier influence over who we "should" be and what we "should" be doing with our time.  Bringing forth the transmissions of freedom to follow Divine Plan & your own Divine Guidance.

2. Angel Daniel - Recieve a healing balm of Love and Forgiveness and an invitation to lay down the burdens of judgement of self and others, freeing oneself to experience the flow of Love again through one's being. 

3. Angel Ariel - Expands and opens the root chakra and the energy field to hold the greater love, light, joy and grace you have calling into your energy body throughout this course.  She grounds your Divine Mission into your Root Chakra and speaks about the Embodiment of Divine Mission.

4. Arch Angel Metatron - Anchors a bridge of Divine connection from the Heavenly realm into the heart of the Earth, guiding you to gift the blue print of your Divine Plan as an offering to the Great Mother Earth and thus receiving her blessings in a greater way throughout your life.  

We appreciate your support of this work and so happy you've joined our team of Earth Angels!

Angelic Blessings Be to You. 

The Final Four Angels

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