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Violet Alchemy Healing

Violet Alchemy Healing 


Through the assistance and support of the Ascended Masters, Mothers and Angels we use a pendulum to discover what is ready to be healed, cleared and strengthened.

Clearing and Resolving

  • External Energies and Influences in your field 

  • Karmic Wounds

  • Past Life Vows & Contracts

  • Energy Cords 

  • Veils

  • Cellular Memories

  • Suffering

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • ect....


  • ​Higher Self Connection

  • Soul Codes

  • Divine Blueoprints

  • Divine Masculine/Feminine 

  • Integration Technologies

  • Gifts from your Presence

  • ect...


  • High Frequency Light Technologies

  • Enlightenment Codes

  • DNA Activations

  • Cellular Reprogramming

  • Sacred Geometries

  • ect.

Each session is a unique healing and empowerment focused on your intention for healing, manifestation and liberation.  

These sessions can't accurately be described in words, they must be experienced to truly understand their magnitude.

Violet Alchemy Packages:


The 3 Pack

Includes 3 live sessions via Zoom with time for counseling prior to energy work.  This package allows for sustained growth over a period of 6 to 12 Weeks.  All sessions are recorded for your future listening.

The 7 Pack

Includes 1 Live session and discussion + 6 additional Violet Alchemy sessions 1 per day recorded and emailed to you to shift an intensive block/issue over a one week period.  Please call to discuss if this package is right for your needs.  


I can't believe how much my life has changed since  working with Zara .  I was going though a crisis when I reached out for healing and what I received was greater than I could have imagined!  So much understanding about my self, my family and my life.  I'm so grateful Spirit guided me to find you!  ~ Kaitlyn K.

New York

In one session we cleared and healed more than my past year of therapy!   I can see it all so clearly now and the difference in my energy is amazing!   I'm feel free to engage in life with confidence instead of that old  outdated story of not good enough.

~ Sarina B. 


I  went to see Zara about my relationship with my Son.   I was worried about him and he wasn't communicating with me.  When I got home after my session, he was waiting in the kitchen wanting to talk.  It's almost too good to be true!  Since then he's opened up and we are able to work through things together.   

~ Susan R.


The stress and anxiety I've lived with for so long is gone.  The negative self talk is gone.  

I worked with Zara over several months and she helped me learn tools to manage my energy.  I'm an empath.  I didn't even know what that meant until she helped me understand that everything I was feeling wan't even all mine!

~Justin S.


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