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You will receive 3 Violet Alchemy Healing Sessions including counseling, coaching and energy work in combination as needed.  


Each session lasts aproximately 90 minutes.


For those wishing to go deeper, this package saves you $75 over the 3 sessions. 


You will need to book with Zara directly (via text or email) for those 3 sessions and must complete all three within 90 days from purchase. 


If you have not received a Violet Alchemy Session from Zara we advise that you begin with a single session.  To learn more about Violet Alchemy or to book a single session go HERE. 


**Refund Policy & Missed Appointments*


Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24hrs from our start time within the 90 day period. 


Missed appointments without rescheduling will be done at the appointed time with the intention "For Your Highest Good and Highest Healing"  these will be recorded and sent to you via email. 


Please note: these recorded sessions will most likely be less than 90m as we won't have our usual coaching/counseling session prior to the energy work.


Refund Policy: No refunds will be offered on this package.  Sessions unable to be used may be gifted to others to use prior to the 90day expiration date.  This must be agreed upon with Zara prior to gifting. Thank you for your understanding. 

3 Sessions of Violet Alchemy Healing

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