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Full Wolf Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

Suggested Items Needed:

  • A bowl of soil or dirt to represent the fertile earth

  • Seeds (any type) to represent the seeds of your intentions

  • A red or yellow candle to represent the warm moon energy

  • A pen and paper/journal to write down your intentions

Preparation: Find a quiet space outside or near a window where you can see and bathe in the Full Wolf Moon's energy. Gather your items and cast a sacred circle by setting an intention to create a safe ceremonial container.

  • Grounding and Connecting Begin by standing or sitting comfortably. Take a few deep breaths to ground and center yourself. Feel your connection to the great Mother Earth beneath you and the Full Wolf Moon shining its light upon you.

  • Breathwork Circle Casting: Using your breath is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to cast a sacred circle.  Visualize or sense a sphere of protective light surrounding you. With your inhalations, imagine pulling energy up from the Earth into your sphere. With your exhalations, envision that energy expanding to form the outer boundaries of your circle. You can reinforce the circle by turning clockwise and using your exhales to "puff" the energy out, tracing its perimeter.  Feel free to direct the energy with your fingers, hands a crystal, wand or feather.

  • Invocation Call in the energy of the Full Wolf Moon and the highest spirits of initiative, wildness, and fertility by saying this or something similar:

"On this night of the Full Wolf Moon, I call to and invoke my family of Light, Spirit Guides, Ancestors and the highest spirits of initiative, wildness, and fertility.  I open to receive your vitalizing energies. Help me awaken my fiercest passion and instinctual drive to birth my dreams into manifestation."

  • Preparing the Seeds Hold the bowl of soil in front of you and focus on the fertile potential it represents. Think about what you wish to birth, create, and harvest in your life over the coming year. See it, feel it, know it in your heart's desires.

  • Planting Intentions Take the seeds, one by one, and plant them in the soil while stating your intentions aloud or in your mind's eye. Be specific, but open to however these manifest in the highest good.

  • Sealing Intentions Once all intentions have been planted, place your hands over the seeded soil and make a deep knowing that these seeds have rooted into your consciousness and the consciousness of the universe. See them growing, blooming, and fruiting with perfection.

  • Final Blessing Light the candle and let it burn while you close by saying:

"In humble gratitude, I align with the fertile powers of nature. I trust my intentions have been received and will germinate into a bountiful spiritual harvest. Under the Wolf Moon's light, I seal these keenly felt hopes with an open heart and mind. And so it is."

Let the candle burn out completely, carrying your ceremony's energy out into the universe. Give gratitude for the Full Wolf Moon's guidance. Then release the circle when ready saying this or something similar: "I give thanks to my family of light and all those who have come to lend their power and aid.  This circle is now open but never broken. (3X)"

Throughout the year, you can continue to energize your intentions during each Moon Phase. Stay open to their growth and unfoldment!

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