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Unveiling the Grace Within: A Lightworker's Guide

Many of us carry a vague understanding of "grace," perhaps associating it with a hymn or a fleeting moment of reprieve. But for lightworkers, grace holds a deeper significance, acting as a powerful tool for our personal transformation and radiating outwards to uplift others around us.  

Many years ago, Spirit had shared with me through a gifted channeler that my soul holds the keepership of The Tablets of Grace for the Soul.  When I heard this, I thought, like you perhaps just did, well that’s nice… but what exactly is that?

This inquiry sparked a profound exploration. Guided by Spirit, I embarked on creating a series of "Tablets of Grace" for each chakra, channeling sacred art and performing grounding ceremonies to receive a deeper understanding of each. 

While the process was enjoyable and enriching, my conscious mind couldn't discern what the point of the artwork was.  Not long after the completion of all the tablets in the series a true revelation awaited.

During a spiritual retreat to Mt. Shasta with some of my tribe, the feeling tone of Grace washed over me as an embodied wave.  It wasn’t just a concept, it was a sudden unmistakable awareness of being held, lifted, guided and loved by the unseen hand of the divine.  It was the first of it’s kind that I actually became aware of and recognized.  

Aware that this heightened state wouldn’t last, I commanded the cells of my body to record the memory of this Grace, inscribing it into my DNA.  I wanted to hold onto the essence of this feeling for future recall when times may not be so blissful as being on a spiritual retreat with soul-family.

Grace has always been present in my life, though it took this experience for me to truly understand its subtle presence.  Looking back, I saw the hands of Grace in the moments of resilience, lifting me through challenges.  I had felt Grace before, I just didn’t recognize it for what it was. 

  • Invoking Grace: A Practice for Lightworkers

So how can we, as lightworkers, consciously cultivate and invoke grace in our lives? It begins with a fundamental shift – relaxing into the present moment and trusting that the Universe has our backs. Even amidst difficulties, the divine presence resides within and around us, working through and for us.

Often, life's seeming hardships stem from a perceived separation from Source or inherited feelings of unworthiness. When we reach our breaking point with the struggles of the world, it's a spiritual call to surrender, to shed the illusion of self-sufficiency and open ourselves to divine assistance. This is where the invocation of grace comes in. Asking for help, reaching out to the divine, angels, or our spiritual teams of light invites grace into our life circumstances to envelop us and lift us above the obstacles.

But grace isn't reserved for emergencies. It's a divine tool, ready to be called upon for anything, from fostering harmony in relationships, calming a tense conversation,  to landing that dream job.  I've witnessed grace's magic in my own life in a myriad of ways. It's not just for dire situations; it's the secret ingredient for everyday ease and extraordinary growth. 

Trust me.  Try it.  Invoke  grace now for that difficulty you might be facing, and discover the limitless possibilities to attracting resources or taking that next bold step. There is no limitation to what grace will support.

Remember, grace is non-judgmental. It freely offers itself to anyone open to receiving it. If a soul continues to choose to learn the lessons the "hard way," Grace respects our choice, patiently waiting for our invitation.  When a soul is ready to learn through joy and love, Grace takes our hand and elevates the soul with growth plans that are more harmonious, easy, dare I say, Graceful. 

  • Embodying Grace: A Frequency for Transformation

For lightworkers, grace transcends mere assistance; it becomes a frequency we can embody and radiate outward. By attuning ourselves to this frequency, we hold it within our energy fields, making it available to uplift and inspire those around us simply through our presence.

As we cultivate and share grace, we contribute to a collective shift, weaving a tapestry of compassion, support, and understanding that uplifts not just ourselves, but the world around us. Calling upon Grace in moments that are challenging can allow us to lift our consciousness higher, receive our soul’s wisdom and make choices that will lead us down a smoother path.  

  • My own journey with Grace:

The past two years have brought me massive upheavals and transformations. While some days were undeniably tough, I never wavered in my connection to Grace. This unwavering trust led to a series of miraculous occurrences.  Just the right people, resources, and opportunities appeared at the exact moment I needed them, guiding me through transitions with ease. These jaw-dropping experiences taught me to relax, lean back and trust the divine flow, divine time, divine plan, and divine grace.  

  • Sharing the gift of Grace:

My initiation with the Tablets of Grace began over nine years ago with a commission from Spirit. Since then, we have buried these Grace Tablets in several portals around the globe and offered multiple 8 week activations series of The Tablets of Grace through the chakras for groups.  The purpose of these activation series is to build the frequency of Grace into the lightbody for the greater embodiment and understanding of Grace in one’s life.  

  • Embody the Radiance of Grace:

Today the Tablets of Grace beckon with a renewed purpose. They no longer whisper mere activation; they yearn for deep embodiment. This next chapter urges me to open the invitations to a wider community.  We invite YOU to partake in becoming a keeper of the Grace Tablets.   

Join the Circle of Grace

Over the coming months, we'll be offering monthly integration and practice sessions with the Tablets of Grace. These sessions are open to those who have already experienced the activation process and those who are newly drawn to its power. 

If the call to embody Grace resonates within you, explore our "Seeds of Grace Series" or join us for a practice session (details on our website).

Dive into the essence of each Tablet, unlocking their transformative frequencies within you. Learn to activate them at will and transform into a portal of Divine Grace on Earth.  Discover yourself radiating the transformative power of Grace for yourself and the world around you.

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