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Zara Starchild


Lightworker & Ascension Guide.  

Zara Starchild is a guide for the awakening Lightworker, Empath, Walk in, Starseed and all those on a Spiritual Path desiring to connect more fully with their divine nature and deliver their spiritual gifts into the world for the benefit of all.

As a counselor and healer she works to empower others to shed the veils of forgetting, transmute the old wounds and step into co-creation of your life with spirit according to YOUR Divine Plan.

As a teacher and facilitator she helps individuals gain greater self mastery over their energy bodies to raise in frequency, grace, freedom and love.

Are You Ready to Uplevel  Your Life
Akashic Records
Violet Alchemy
Copy of Sp Dev&Conn
Copy of Lightbody Activations
Copy of Starseed
Copy of Violet Alchemy

Zara works with those that are ready to take responsibility for their own healing, energy and life. 

All sessions are based upon personal healing and aligning to the vibrational reality of what you are intending to create for yourself.

All sessions share a strong focus on education in Universal Law, Karmic Clearing and Aligning with Divine Presence.


Amy  5 Star

​December 23, 2020

The soul guidance  coaching was insightful and detailed! I was able to learn more in-depth about my situation and relationships.  So Helpful!

Daz   5 Star

December 21, 2020

She is amazing, I would highly recommend her! Best energy healer I’ve ever worked with!


Trina   5 Star​

September 29, 2020

Powerful healer - definitely recommend!

Guest   5 Star

January 8, 2020

Zara is very warm. very professional and very down to earth. She explained the process clearly. And put me totally at ease.

Sulai   5 Star​

​June 21, 2019

Amazing Spiritual Reading and Coaching.  I've been working with Zara on a monthly basis and watching my life transform before my eyes!

Ramona 5 Star​

January 14, 2019

The most amazing experience ever!  My teenage son has now had several sessions and the changes I see with him are profound!

Yvette  5 Star​

​August 13, 2016

Zara did a great job explaining the process and delivering the healing work. It was amazing

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