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Zara Starchild is a guide for the awakening Lightworker, Empath, Walk in, Starseed and all those on a Spiritual Path desiring to connect more fully with their divine nature and deliver their spiritual gifts into the world for the benefit of all.

As a counselor and healer she works to empower others to shed the veils of forgetting, transmute the old wounds and step into co-creation of your life with spirit according to YOUR Divine Plan.

As a teacher and facilitator she helps individuals gain greater self mastery over their energy bodies to raise in frequency, grace, freedom and love.

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Step into the realm of limitless potential and radiant transformation with our Lightbody Membership. Join a sacred community of seekers and luminaries guided by Zara Starchild, where ancient wisdom meets modern enlightenment.


Embark on a transformative journey with our Violet Alchemy Healing and Akashic Record Reading services. Dive into the depths of your soul's journey, clear energetic blockages, and align with your highest potential.


Click on the image to learn more about these empowering services and start your journey toward healing and self-discovery.


  • Higher Self Embodiment
    Higher Self Embodiment
    Mon, Mar 04
    Virtual Event
    Free Masterclass
  • Awakening Your Lightbody Full Course
    Awakening Your Lightbody Full Course
    Wed, Mar 20
    Awakening Your Light Body Zoom
    A Seven Month Course of Self Mastery. Learn to turn on your Vibrational Energy Body Centers and Live from a Higher Dimensional Version of YOU.
  • Akashic Records Group Reading
    Akashic Records Group Reading
    Mon, Apr 08
    Zoom Meeting
    Healing our Collective through Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness
  • Starseed Journey
    Starseed Journey
    Wed, Apr 24
    Zoom Webinar
    Galactic Activations, Healings and Empowerments to serve the awakening and expansion of your greater multi-dimensional nature.


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